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New Readings, Jendela Artspace, Esplanade. Interview by Iola Lenzi

хви. Review by Hsiung Lu-Fang

Multiple Readings. Review by Hsiung Lu-Fang

Of Abstractions, Automation and Anti-Gestural Paradigm by Louis Ho

NUS Museum Scholars and Ink by CHANG YUEH SIANG,CuratorCHANG YUEH SIANG,Curator

aSita artspace222 by Daniela Beltrani, Curator


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Choreographed Collisions, Galerie Steph, June 2014
Singapore Eye: Contemporary Singapore Art. Features 62 artists based in Singapore. Edited by Serenella Ciclitira, Published by Skira 2015
Art Asia Pacific Almanac 2015
INSTINC 10 : A decade of art & collaborations, INSTINC, 2014
Project6581, 8 artists from Japan and Singapore, INSTINC, 2014
Sovereign Asian Art Prize, Singapore, 2012
Conversations with trees by Yeo Shih Yun, 2012
DIVERSECITY, Singapore International Foundation, 2011
Zerorize Vol. 1-3, by Yeo Shih Yun and Katja Pal, 2011
NUS Alumni Art exhibition, Shaw Foundation Alumni House, Singapore, 2009
Limited/Unlimited, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore, 2007
26th UOB Painting of the Year Exhibition, Jendela Visual Arts Space, Esplanade, Singapore, 2007
To live for the moment by Yeo Shih Yun, 2006


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