Timber by EMSIEN-3 LTD

LOG:one03 2003

LOG:one03 is a collection of abstract paintings in Chinese ink produced over a two-year period, exhibited through a multi-media presentation of scrolls, journals, wall painting and video installation. A documentation of events and observations at frequent intervals, LOG:one03 is my personal diary, recorded from 2001 – 2003 across cities of San Francisco & Singapore.

With the goal of constant self-exploration and uncovering the subconscious mind, I choose to document my experiences and emotions through every drip, mark and splatter of ink. Each brush stroke is executed instinctively and spontaneously, without the constraints of a limited vocabulary, creating works of absolute freedom and honesty.

To add multiplicity to the documentation, I looked beyond the conventional medium of paper and extended the collection of scrolls and journals to include wall painting and video installation